Technical Task:

  1. Fundraising Campaign on TikTok:
    • Create a fundraising campaign on TikTok aimed at raising awareness and funds for individuals in need.
    • The campaign should include:
      • A compelling video (30-60 seconds) that tells a story about the cause and encourages people to donate.
      • Clear and engaging messaging to inspire viewers to contribute.
      • Instructions for viewers on how to donate and support the campaign.
      • Use appropriate hashtags and tag the Natural Aceh account (@naturalaceh).

Submission Guidelines:

  • Content Requirements: The video should be creative, engaging, and clearly communicate the purpose and importance of the fundraising effort.
  • Video Length: Between 30 and 60 seconds.
  • Platform: Upload your video to TikTok and ensure it is set to public.
  • Submission: Share the link to your TikTok video with us via email at with the subject line “Technical Task Submission – Philanthropy Program Development Assistant Internship.”