Technical Task:

  1. Marketing and Customer Service Strategy Proposal:
    • Develop a comprehensive marketing and customer service strategy for a social enterprise initiative at Natural Aceh. This initiative should focus on a product or service that aligns with our mission of sustainability and community development.
    • The proposal should include:
      • Marketing Plan: Outline your strategy for promoting the product or service, including digital marketing tactics (social media, email marketing, content marketing) and offline methods (events, partnerships).
      • Customer Service Plan: Describe how you will provide excellent customer service, including customer support channels, feedback mechanisms, and service quality standards.
      • Target Market Analysis: Analyze the target market, identifying key demographics, customer needs, and potential challenges.
      • Success Metrics: Define key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the success of your marketing and customer service strategies.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Format: The proposal can be in a PDF or Word document format.
  • Submission: Please email your completed proposal to with the subject line “Technical Task Submission – Social Entrepreneurship Marketing and Customer Service Internship.”