1. Oyster-Based Product Development Proposal:
    • Develop a comprehensive proposal for a new product made from oysters that aligns with Natural Aceh’s mission of sustainability and environmental conservation.
    • The proposal should include:
      • Product Description: A detailed description of the oyster-based product, its features, and how it aligns with our mission.
      • Production Plan: A step-by-step plan for producing the product, including sourcing oysters, production processes, and timeline.
      • Market Analysis: An analysis of the target market, potential competitors, and marketing strategies.
      • Sustainability Impact: An evaluation of the product’s environmental impact and how it promotes sustainability.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Format: The proposal can be in a PDF or Word document format.
  • Submission: Please email your completed proposal to magang.kemendikbud@naturalaceh.org with the subject line “Technical Task Submission – Oyster Product Development Internship.”