Project Overview: Natural Aceh has been actively engaged in an ongoing mangrove restoration project in Alue Naga Fishing Village aimed at rehabilitating degraded mangrove areas and improving the resilience of coastal ecosystems and communities.


  1. Restore and rehabilitate degraded mangrove areas to enhance biodiversity and ecosystem services.
  2. Provide sustainable livelihood opportunities for local communities through mangrove conservation and ecotourism initiatives.
  3. Increase community resilience to climate change impacts, such as coastal erosion and storm surges.

Key Activities:

  1. Mangrove Planting: Continuous mangrove planting activities are carried out to restore degraded areas and expand mangrove coverage along the coastline.
  2. Biodiversity Monitoring: Regular monitoring of mangrove forests and associated habitats is conducted to assess the recovery of biodiversity and ecosystem functions.
  3. Community Engagement: Ongoing engagement with local communities involves capacity building, training workshops, and awareness campaigns to foster stewardship of mangrove ecosystems.
  4. Livelihood Development: Sustainable livelihood opportunities, such as crab farming, honey production, and ecotourism ventures, are developed to reduce dependence on mangrove resources.
  5. Erosion Control Measures: Measures to mitigate coastal erosion, such as the construction of bamboo barriers and vegetative buffers, are implemented to stabilize shorelines and protect mangrove habitats.

Partnerships: Natural Aceh collaborates with local government agencies, community-based organizations, academic institutions, and environmental NGOs to ensure the success and sustainability of the project. Partnerships with research organizations facilitate data collection and monitoring, while engagement with local NGOs enhances community participation and capacity building efforts.

Progress and Achievements:

  • 5 hectares of degraded mangrove areas have been restored and rehabilitated.
  • Biodiversity surveys indicate an increase in species diversity and abundance within restored mangrove forests.
  • Community members have been trained in sustainable resource management practices and livelihood diversification strategies.
  • Ecotourism initiatives have been developed, attracting visitors and generating income for local communities.
  • Coastal erosion control measures have been implemented, resulting in improved shoreline stability and protection of mangrove habitats.

Challenges and Future Plans:

  • Challenges such as funding constraints, community resistance, and ongoing threats to mangrove ecosystems require ongoing attention and adaptive management.
  • Future plans include expanding mangrove restoration efforts, strengthening community resilience, and promoting sustainable development practices in Alue Naga Fishing Village and surrounding areas.

By continuing its ongoing mangrove restoration project in Alue Naga Fishing Village, Natural Aceh aims to sustainably manage coastal resources, enhance ecosystem resilience, and improve the well-being of local communities in the long term.